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Pskov, Sochi, Russia

Visit to a Spa
Pamper her with a visit to the Spa Salon. She will enjoy having a nice 1 hour full-body massage.
Price: $110.00
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Christmas Teddybear
Christmas Teddybear! Send her this nice detail for christmas.
Price: $59.90
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Let her enjoy and share with her family on this christmas dinner.
Price: $125.90
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Let her enjoy a nice bottle of Wine in a Beautiful Christmas Box.
Price: $64.90
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Sweets for your sweetheart on this Christmas celebration
Price: $39.90
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SILVER EARRINGS WITH NECKLACE: A nice pari of Silver Earrings with Necklace.
Price: $124.90
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Flower arrangement of 12 red roses with a small teddy bear and box of chocolates.
Price: $135.00
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24 red roses shaped in heart with balloons for that special someone.
Price: $144.90
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Women love going to beauty salon, let her enjoy a facial session of 1 hour.
Price: $110.00
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17 Roses in a vase
17 beautiful Roses in a nice vase.
Price: $139.00
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5 Roses in a vase
5 beautiful Roses in a nice vase
Price: $65.00
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A Beautiful doll as a nice gift for the child of that special someone...
Price: $60.00
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Sweat Love
:"Sweet Love" gift set. Includes 9 roses( color by lady's choice), champagne with 2 glasses and sweet candies. This is very hard to be apart for loving couple, but you can make this distance closer by sending her this amazing gift set. She will enjoy a bouquet of 9 beautiful roses, sweet candies and champagne with two glasses.. While drinking delicious champagne she will be thinking of you and the second glass will be waiting for you to join her next time!
Price: $295.00
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Perfume of the highest quality, only by the world-known brands. We will present to her the perfume to her liking.
Price: $245.00
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Heater, do not let your beloved to get cold! Show your warm feelings to her!
Price: $199.00
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Warm pajama... This warm and soft present will make your beloved's nights more comfortable and pleasant.. Let her see dreams about you and her together in warm pajama's!!!
Price: $159.00
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Warm Plaid
Warm Plaid!It will warm your lady even when it's too cold outside!
Price: $139.00
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Warm Jacket
Warm Jacket for your lovely lady!
Price: $199.00
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Beautiful boots for your beloved!
Price: $199.00
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Sexy Halloween costumes! See your beloved in it!
Price: $139.00
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Gold Jewelry Set
The best way to touch your loving woman's heart and to make your close person happy is to bring her golden jewelry. This present always reminds her about you. Classy gold. Gift includes: Bracelet Chain pendant ear-rings ring
Price: $1100.00
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Electric Kettle
A electric Kettle for a warm drink.
Price: $129.00
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Christmas Tree
A beautiful tree for Christmas.
Price: $129.00
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Fur Coat
 coat of fur for your lady! Warm her at a distance in the cold!
Price: $699.00
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Vitamins and Protein
Sports nutrition!If your lady do sports-show your care of her health!The set include special vitamins and protein.
Price: $199.00
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Lingerie Bra & Panties
A very intimate gift of Lingerie Bra & and Panties in her size and style.
Price: $199.00
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Eye Care
Eye care set! Consists of lens ,fluid and storage box!
Price: $249.00
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Love Gift
Show her your Love with a Cheerful Love kisses gift set consists of:Balloon, postcard, perfume, and a box of chocolates.
Price: $195.00
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Be Mine Lingerie Set
Be mine! Lingerie Set Consists of passionate lingerine and souvenir.
Price: $110.00
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Flower in a Pot
Flower‚ in a flowerpot by lady's choice.
Price: $75.00
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