We deliver flowers and gifts in Russia, Ukraine, Colombia, Costa Rica, Philippines and other countries!

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Welcome to Gift Center

The Flower and Gift Delivery service is fast and simple to use, and a great way to get that special someone's attention!

1. Select and click on the city in which the recipient resides.

2. Choose the gift or gifts you would like to have delivered. Please note that the gift selection will vary from city to city.

3. Fill in the delivery information and the sender's information at the bottom of the order form and click on the submit button. Be sure to include a short message to the recipient in the space provided on the form.

4. You will then be asked for your credit card information to complete the transaction.

5. Your order will then be sent to the appropriate office. We will contact the recipient and make the proper arrangements for the delivery.

6. Once the delivery is made we will E-mail you with confirmation and a short message from the recipient. Deliveries are normally made within 48 hours, unless there is a problem contacting the recipient, in which case we will hold the order until we can make contact or the order is cancelled.

Return Policy:

In the unlikely event that the merchandise delivered is damaged or does not meet the advertised standards we will provide a full replacement that meets the advertised standards or refund your order in full.

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